PSU Recommendations To Power Up Your Gaming PC

It's worth taking time to carefully choose the power supply for your gaming PC. A good power supply is an investment in the future. PSUs can last for several years and have a significant impact on the efficiency of your PC.


Consider how ambitious you want your gaming PC to be. Will your power supply will be a limiting factor when it comes to future upgrades?


What is a PSU?

PSU stands for Power Supply Unit – it converts the electricity coming from your mains into low-voltage regulated power for the internal components of your computer. The heartbeat of your gaming setup. 

It is an important constituent of your gaming PC set up because individual components have specific needs. Getting the right power supply gives you a longer shelf life for things like your graphics card, motherboard, and CPU. And if your PSU doesn’t give your gaming PC enough power, you’ll start seeing FPS drops in your games!


PSU Recommendations - Entry-Level 


EVGA 500 W2 power supply unit


EVGA 500 W2 Power Supply Unit 500 W 


Introducing the EVGA 500W W2 power supply – an 80 PLUS White-rated option that delivers solid performance at an affordable price for entry level gaming PCs


PSU Recommendations Mid-Level


Corsair RM650 power supply unit 650 W


Corsair RM650 power supply unit 650W


There are a few fantastic things about this mid-level PSU: it has 150W more power than our entry level recommendation, without being too much more expensive. It’s achieved the gold standard for efficiency. And its fully modular cables mean you can choose the ones you need for less clutter inside your gaming PC!


PSU Recommendations - Enthusiast


Corsair RM750 power supply unit 750 W


Corsair RM750x power supply unit 750W


Turning up the voltage even further is the 750W Corsair RM750x. High on efficiency and performance, low on noise – in fact, so low that even at medium loads it’s nearly silent! Built with Japanese 105°C capacitors, they’re a great choice for high performance PCs where reliability is essential.


PSU Recommendations - Ultimate


Corsair HX1200 power supply unit 1200 W 24-pin ATX Black


Corsair HX1200 power supply unit 1200 W 24-pin ATX Black 


Our ultimate PSU recommendation for a full gaming PC set up brings some real power to the table – the Corsair HX1200. As you may have guessed, this one goes up to 1200W of power when required – meaning you’ve got all the juice required for even the thirstiest of high-performance gaming PC components.


Which PSU Is Right For You?


Gaming PC set up



Picking your PSU comes down to the numbers game. Each component within your gaming PC will require a certain amount of power, and if your PSU can’t meet the total of those demands, your PC’s performance will suffer. 


And, as you might expect, higher spec components often require more power to run. So, the more powerful your PC, the better PSU you will need.


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