Unleash your gaming potential with a custom build from Gotraka! Choose supremacy with unparalleled customisation, offering a handpicked selection of cutting-edge components. Stay ahead with the latest technology, guided by our expert support team. Don't settle for less – dominate the gaming landscape with unmatched performance.

Gotraka.com: where your dream PC build becomes a gaming masterpiece. Game on and conquer the competition!

Custom Build Experts Free Delivery UK Support Team
Custom Build Experts Free Delivery UK Support Team
Custom Build Experts Free Delivery UK Support Team

Space Grade Builds

We love building PC's! Our team are super excited when we get build orders, even more so when we are asked to add small custom features to them, like mini astronaut, dubbed Pickle, by his owner. This PC was built using Corsair Cooling, NZXT Case, Gigabyte Motherboard and compact 3060 GPU.

Built To Dominate

Custom gaming PCs are the cherished crowns of gamers, transcending functionality to become prized possessions. Crafted with passion, they embody individuality, tailored to unique gaming preferences. Every meticulously chosen component is a statement of power, elevating the gaming experience to unprecedented heights. Gotraka understands this sentiment, standing as the haven for gaming enthusiasts. Our experts guide you through a journey of personalization, ensuring your custom PC is not just a device but a revered artifact of gaming prowess. Trust Gotraka to turn your dream into reality, creating a gaming masterpiece that reflects your distinct style and dominates the digital realm.

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Full Gaming Setups

Experience gaming nirvana with our all-encompassing PC setup at your fingertips. From cutting-edge monitors that immerse you in breathtaking visuals to ergonomic gaming chairs ensuring comfort during epic sessions, we've curated the ultimate gaming environment. Elevate your communication with top-tier Headsets, while precision is at your fingertips with our range of high-performance peripherals. At our one-stop destination, we don't just provide PCs; we deliver an entire gaming ecosystem, meticulously designed for enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best. Transform your space into the ultimate gaming haven with our comprehensive lineup.

Our Custom Builds

Elevate your gaming experience with our custom builds, backed by our dedicated expert team. Enjoy peace of mind with a comprehensive 3-year support package included with every build. Our team meticulously crafts each build, subjecting them to rigorous testing to meet the highest standards. The result? A superior gaming build, finely tuned and ready for you to conquer the competition.

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